Department of
ASL - English Interpretation

Programs of Study

The Department of ASL-English Interpretation offers opportunities for students who wish to study the language of ASL and the culture in which it is used. Our BA programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education and prepare students for work in the growing and fulfilling field of interpreting.

The Bachelor of Arts program in ASL-English Interpretation is a four-year, full-time program. Students take LAS Core courses (what other college’s and universities often refer to as “general education”) in this program and must complete the LAS Core Curriculum. 

The second Bachelor of Arts program is a four-year, part-time program open to students who already have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. The program focuses exclusively on courses in the major. Students do not take LAS Core courses.

The ASL Studies minor is open to any undergraduate student at Columbia College Chicago.