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Fine Arts
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Fine Arts

Our BFA in Fine Arts program offers opportunities to develop the capacity for ideation, expression and production. Students are encouraged to develop a strong studio practice supporting the creation of images, objects, and visual, spatial and time-based experiences. The faculty is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized artists active in the field and committed to teaching, research and lifelong learning. The philosophy stresses technical skills informed by ideas, a firm grounding in making, linkage to conceptualization and art theory and criticism, and the need for work to show awareness of contemporary issues. Courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, digital practices, performance art, as well as a variety of contemporary theory and history courses fosters an environment in which students can explore and expand methodologies to refine their personal voice and vision. Exhibitions, student organization events, as well as the Professional Practices course assist graduating seniors with effective knowledge and preparation for the transition from student to professional artist.

Fine Arts degree requirements, 2012-2013

BFA Degree Requirement
BA Degree Requirement
Second BA Degree Requirement