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Graphic Design
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Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design program prepares designers of tomorrow with a flexible set of skills and knowledge, preparing them to visually communicate ideas and information while expressing themselves creatively. Upon completion of the degree, students will produce, describe, analyze, and interpret visual designs within social, historical and theoretical contexts. Students will understand software for print, web and new media and gain the ability to seek out new uses for emerging technologies. They will use research methods in the conceptualizing, developing and executing of design solutions. Program graduates will utilize advanced skills in typography, layout, information design, packaging design and other applications to create clear and dynamic results.

Additionally, program students are able to pursue a concentration in Web Design or Publication Design.

Graphic Design requirements, 2013-2014

Graphic Design Degree Requirement
•Graphic Design:  BA Degree Requirement
•Graphic Design: 2nd BA Degree Requirement
Graphic Design: Publication Design Degree Requirement
•Graphic Design: Publication BA Degree Requirement
•Graphic Design: Publication 2nd BA Degree Requirement
Graphic Design: Web Design Degree Requirement
•Graphic Design: Web Design BA Degree Requirement
•Graphic Design: Web Design 2nd BA Degree Requirement