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Columbia College Chicago
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  • Illustration


Our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration program prepares students in the most current expressions of the illustrative arts profession. With a developed background in fine arts, graphic design, and advertising, illustrators may direct their careers in many different directions, including book and magazine publishing, advertising, company literature, packaging, television, as well as commercial and feature film industries. Illustrators must know design, communication principles, and problem-solving techniques, but most importantly, they must know how to draw. Illustration students learn to understand the mechanics of tools and media. They choose the media best suited to express their ideas, organize their compositions to greater enhance communication, conceptualize ideas, and above all, refine their visual sensitivities to levels expected of professional artists. Their background is further developed by a well-integrated core curriculum of fine art and design. Special illustration workshops and an ongoing lecture series expose students to current developments in their intended field, while the Professional Portfolio Development course assists graduating seniors with practical preparation for the transition from student to professional practitioner.

Illustration degree requirements, 2013-2014

•BFA Degree Requirement
•BFAC Degree Requirement
•Second BA Degree Requirement