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Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is a purposeful, three-dimensional response to a client's environmental requirements. The Interior Architecture student manipulates interior space, furniture, and finishes to serve functional requirements and conceptual / artistic ends. The student is cognizant of building systems (structural, mechanical, life-safety, etc.) and modes of professional practice.

The Interior Architecture program focuses almost exclusively on commercial / non-residential interior spatial solutions. The program seeks to balance the subjective with the objective demands of professional practice, infusing academic concerns with faculty who are concurrently involved with the profession. Following a rigorous, CIDA-Accredited program, including a mandatory internship, graduates join firms as active team members working on a variety of project typologies.

Following two years of professional experience, graduates are qualified to undertake the National Council for Interior Design Accreditation (NCIDQ) exam, leading to licensed/titled status.

Interior Architecture degree requirements, 2013-2014

BFA Degree Requirement
Second BA Degree Requirement