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Columbia College Chicago
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Product Design

Following a series of discussions and ongoing review of the changing demands of the profession, faculty in the BFA Product Design program, in consultation with College administration, have decided to suspend freshman applications for the next two years in order to radically revise the program curriculum and focus. Transfer inquiries are welcomed.

In fall 2014, Columbia College Chicago's Art + Design Department launches a new foundations program with a focus on contemporary practice emphasizing collaboration, team work, experimentation and intensive skill building. With the implementation of this new innovative foundations program and the concurrent re-envisioning and spatial reconfiguration of 40,000 square feet of teaching and learning space, we have the opportunity to fully leverage these changes for a revitalized program. We will be collaborating with our current students, faculty, and staff to develop exciting new design scenarios that will help shape the new curriculum. We will document and share this process with all participants as we reach significant milestones. We look forward to accepting applications from incoming freshmen for fall 2016.

Will be accepting applications from incoming  freshman for FALL 2016