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Studio Policies and Procedures
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Studio Policies and Procedures


As noted on the previous web page, the Audio Arts + Acoustics Department at Columbia College Chicago maintains an impressive suite of studio and lab spaces. Literally hundreds of students and their faculty utilize these spaces not only for regularly scheduled class/lab periods, but also for individualized team sessions.  In addition to these spaces being available for booking by students, Studio staff maintain an inventory of equipment worth tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars that can be checked out for use on and off site.

To manage requests for space and/or equipment utilization, the Department has developed a number of procedures for both faculty and students to follow. While almost no one likes the burden of complying with procedures and filling out forms, the Department believes that these are common sense protocols and that adherence to them by all concerned actually increases the likelihood that equipment and facilities will be available for the greatest number of customers over the longest possible life of the equipment.

Please familiarize yourself with these policies:

Please help us maximize the utilization of Studio spaces by notifying us if you will be taking a field trip or relocating your class.  With sufficient notice, we can make your space available to students for the duration of your field trip.  Please submit the following form as soon as you can or at least ten (10) days in advance of your field trip.

If you have questions, please feel free to call the Studio Manager at 312-369-8274