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Columbia College Chicago
Control Room A (CR-A)
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Control Room A (CR-A)

This is the department's flagship music production facility for Audio Design & Production classes. It boasts a 64-input API Legacy recording console feeding both a Pro Tools MIX-plus system with 24 channels of 24-bit I/O, as well as a 24-track Otari MTR-90 and a Sony 5000 2-track analog tape machine. The API is outfitted with 32 channels of the company's legendary model 212L mic-pre, 64 channels of the model 550L EQ, and Flying Faders automation.

The outboard rack includes reverbs from Lexicon [960 with LARC, PCM81 & PCM60] and TC Electronics [M2000], delays by TC Electronics [2290], compression by API, UREi, dbx and Aphex, gates by API, Gatex and Aphex. Monitoring includes ATC SCM50's and Genelec 1031A's.