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Columbia College Chicago
Brett Johnson
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Brett Johnson


Brett Johnson, Audio Arts & Acoustics Department

Brett Johnson
Chief Engineer/Manager

Brett Johnson's long and varied career in professional sound includes engineering [and engineering management] for Zenith/dB Recording Studios. He also has done concert sound for the Grant Park Music Festival, Blues Fest, Jazz Fest, Gospel Fest, and more. His systems design and engineering has been used for the renovation of Buckingham Fountain, and other major projects. He has worked in film sound and broadcast audio, receiving the "Digital Broadcast Pioneer" award of the National Association of Broadcasters. His clients have included Computer Associates, Adidas Corp., the State of Illinois, the White House Office of Communications, Columbia Pictures, Fox Entertainment, and many, many more.

He has maintained an association with Columbia College Chicago for twenty years, however, where he is Manager and Chief Engineer of the Audio Arts & Acoustics Department. He is also a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers [and was recently Manager of the Chicago Section], the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and the National Association of Business and Educational Radio.

Audio Arts & Acoustics Department
Columbia College Chicago
33 E. Congress Parkway, Suite 601
Chicago, IL 60605
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