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Columbia College Chicago
Benj Kanters
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Benj Kanters


Benj Kanters, Audio Arts & Acoustics Department

S. Benjamin Kanters,
M.M., Music Technology, Northwestern University
Associate Professor, Associate Chairman

Benj has been on the faculty of Columbia College since 1993, where he directs the Audio Design & Production Program of courses in recording arts and technology for the music, film, game and audio post-production industries. His teaching responsibilities include recording technology, audio theory and hearing physiology.

Prior to Columbia, he spent twenty years in the audio and music industries, including fourteen years as adjunct professor of audio at Northwestern University. Through the 1970s, he was partner and sound engineer with the Chicago area concert club Amazingrace. During the 1980s, he was partner and chief managing engineer of Studiomedia Recording Company in Evanston.

In 2004, he began researching best practices in the emerging field of audio archiving and restoration, and is now consulting libraries and music institutions in the design and operation of archive systems.

He began studying and teaching hearing physiology in 2000, and continues to follow developments in physiology, hearing loss and conservation. In 2007, he founded The Hearing Conservation Workshop, visiting colleges and universities to teach hearing physiology and conservation to future audio and music industry professionals.

Audio Arts & Acoustics Department
Columbia College Chicago
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