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Columbia College Chicago
Jack Alexander
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Jack Alexander


Jack Alexander, Audio Arts & Acoustics Department

Jack Alexander
Associate Professor, Live & Installed Sound, Director

Jack Alexander started his career in audio in 1967 at the Office of Instructional Resources at the University of Illinois, working in TV and Film sound.

Subsequent to graduation from U of I in 1971 [B.A. TV/Speech-Theatre/History], Mr. Alexander began his work in live sound production and related consulting, which continues to this day.

He has mixed sound for over 3500 major artists, designated and supervised numerous large-scale installations all over North America, and functioned as consultant to several of the most celebrated loudspeaker designers in the industry. In addition, Mr. Alexander has served for several years as the Education Editor for Live Sound International, the leading journal of the live sound production industry.

He started as a part-time instructor at Columbia College Chicago in 1983, and began his full-time appointment in 1996. He designed and supervises the Live Sound Reinforcement Program in the Department of Audio Arts & Acoustics.

Audio Arts & Acoustics Department
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