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Faculty Spotlight
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Faculty Spotlight

Prof. Dominique Chéenne, Ph.D.

Prof. Dominique Chéenne, Ph.D



Dr. Dominique Chéenne holds an undergraduate degree in Electronics from the University of Caen, and Masters & Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His acoustical design firm, C & C Consultants, has provided services to more than 100 architectural & engineering companies and has a portfolio in excess of 600 projects spanning 16 states and three continents.

In 1995, he joined the faculty of Columbia College Chicago where he now directs the Acoustics Program in the Audio Arts & Acoustics Department. He was awarded the Distinguished Research Scholar Award for 2007-2009, and the rank of Full Professor in 2010. Under his tenure more than 120 students have received substantial and relevant preparation in the field of acoustics & noise control and have graduated from the Program. Alumni are found at numerous companies in the United States and abroad, making a positive contribution to a quieter and better environment for all. Most recently, alongside the chairman, faculty, and staff of the Audio Arts & Acoustics Department, he spearheaded the design and deployment of the new Bachelor of Science in Acoustics degree program, the first undergraduate program of its kind in the US and the first science degree program in the College’s 120 years history.

“When I told the Chair of the Engineering Department at my Alma Mater that I was accepting a position at Columbia College Chicago (in what was at the time the Radio/Sound Department) he told me that I was committing academic suicide”, Dominique likes to recall. “He refused to believe that a successful program in Acoustics could be developed anywhere but within the context of an Engineering School or a Physics Department and I am glad to say that only one of us was right… The enrolment data show that we attract superb students and the placement data speak for themselves. An alumnus from 2003 recently forwarded me an email from the head of the acoustics division at a large engineering firm who stated “I’ve been more impressed with Columbia College graduates than some Masters-degree holders in acoustics from other institutions” so I know that we must be doing something right!”

Dominique summarizes his perspective on having deep roots in both academia and the private sector as follows: “I’ve always believed that the value of education is found in providing relevant meaning to those who want to learn intelligently; start with Standards as they represent Best Practices rooted in solid theory and supported by experiments and experience, then bring questions to your teacher but don’t always expect the right answers, only proper guidance toward you discovering the best answer. Finally go on to the best of your abilities to make a positive difference for you and your classmates. Just do it, but always try to do it right.”