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Columbia College Chicago
Mentoring and Tutoring

Mentoring and Tutoring

Fiction Writing program tutoring is designed to help students at all levels to further develop their fiction.  Students work one on one with upper-level graduate or undergraduate students who are trained using Story Workshop® techniques and concepts.  A student who is tutored gets greater benefit out of the classroom activities, develops a stronger sense of his / her own writing process, and most important, gets individualized attention on his / her fiction.  Sessions meet once a week for two hours throughout the semester, during a time that fits into the student's schedule.  Students may take tutoring for 0-2 credit hours.  Students taking tutoring for credit will be graded, and up to 4 credit hours of tutoring can be applied to Specialty/ Elective Writing credit.

Fiction Writers at Lunch is a mentoring program for freshmen, sponsored by the Fiction Writing program of Columbia College Chicago. Freshmen meet with upperclassmen to share free box lunches. They discuss topics of educational and general interest, inspiration, and survival to freshmen at Columbia and in the Fiction Writing program. They meet and interact with guest speakers from the writing community.