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Columbia College Chicago
Story Week Reader 2007
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Story Week Reader 2007


Peppermint and Gunpowder by Tony Bowers
A New Cut by Elizabeth Earley
The Bulldog by Benjamin Smithson
God Water by Lane Kareska
Catfish by Jessica Young
Child Development by Chuck Belanger
My Friend from Beta Pictoris by Josh Alletto
Birdie by Chelsea Lane Wells
What You Remember by Lex Sonne
Parker Johns' Gay Stick by Sarah Grainer
Second Time Around by Filipe Briceno

One-Act Play
Ripening by Ben Orth

Creative Nonfiction
Wider by Sheree Greer
Ashes Along the Ganga by James Lower
I am a Machine Boy by Joe Yeoman
Layla by Ashley Pflaumer
Birthday by Colt Foutz
Womb Treasures by Jana Dawson
Complaint Letter to the Signature Room Restaurant
by Nadine Kenney
Jumping into Sheets by Marissa Garcia
The Drumming Class by Grant Woods

Executive Editor
Jotham Burrello

Daniel Prazer
Deborah Siegel

Associate Editor
John Crone

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