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Columbia College Chicago
Story Week Reader 2008
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Story Week Reader 2008


Chompers by Kristen Fiore
Mystic Sour by Andrew Graf
Mountain of Pills by John Crone
Awaiting Judgment by Ryan Duke
The Handicap Stall by Courtney Jones
Delivery by Michael P. Poloz
Vladko Variations by Gina DiPonio
Enough by Noelle Aleksandra Hufnagel
Fake Jewelry by Jessica Young
That Week That Ezra Wanted To Be a Marine Biologist by Daniel Paul
The Scallion by Burt Michaels
Neighbors by Melanie Datz
A Glimpse Before the Fall by Casey J. Bye
Recognition by Ashley Shroeder
Retreat by Jasmine Neosh

Story in Graphic Form
Electrocuting an Elephant by David Hughes

Creative Nonfiction
Cocaine by Krystn Fox
Where the Woods Meet the Water by James Lower
Indiscernible Ash by Holly Fisher
Just a Pinch by Jacquelyn Astorga
Remembering Dreams by Andrea Fishel
One Last Trip by Karen Zemanick

Executive Editor
Jotham Burrello

Susan Babyk
Jeffrey Brennan
Stephanie Velasco

Copy Editors
Daniel Prazer
Ilana Shabanov

Cover design and layout by Ryan Klos