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Columbia College Chicago
Story Week Reader 2010
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Story Week Reader 2010


Executive Editor
Jotham Burrello

Susan Babyk, Leah Tallon,
Maggie Ritchie, Stephanie Velasco

Copy Editor
Daniel Prazer

Story Week Artistic Director
Sam Weller

Fiction Writing Department Faculty
Randy Albers, Chair; Andy Allegretti, Don DeGrazia, Ann Hemenway, Shawn Shiflett, Gary Johnson, Eric May, Joe Meno, Patricia McNair, Nami Mun, Alexis Pride, Lisa Schlesinger, John Schultz, Betty Shiflett, and Sam Weller.

The Story Week Reader is published by the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago. Printed by Columbia College Xerox Center. Cover design and layout design by Ann Prazer; photography and layout by Daniel Prazer. Fiction, creative nonfiction, stories in graphic form, and one-act play manuscripts of 750 words or fewer were submitted by students for consideration. The Publishing Lab, a student-run resource library, publishes this annual journal of student writing in conjunction with Story Week.

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Copyright © 2010 Fiction Writing Department

Editor's Note:
The journal you're holding is a living document. In it's own small way, it will contribute to humankind's spiraling, never-ending conversation about who we are as human beings. The prose, art, and drama published within holds a mirror up to our culture-albeit a compact-sized mirror-and the images and feelings reflected will tweak your worldview. Our little book's reach is indeterimant. We know it will reside on subway cars, coffee tables, library shelves, and the backs of toilets. Next semester, graphic artists creating Zine Columbia will interpret the stories into graphic form. We have high expectations for our little book, and the writers contributing to the 2010 edition are up to the task. We were affected by their submissions and know you will be too. Literature never dies. Sure, books go out of print, but the ideas expressed are immortal. Enjoy the journey.