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Summer in Florence
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Summer in Florence

The Fiction Writing program will offer the Journal and Sketchbook: Ways of Seeing class in Florence this coming summer. Taught by Patty McNair and Philip Hartigan, this class will be designed to take maximum advantage of the city, home to Dante and many other wonderful writers. It will be open to all interested students and alumni. Students at any level, with a good academic record, and with a desire to write in the home of the Renaissance may apply to be part of this experience. Talk to Patty McNair or your Fiction Writing advisors about course waivers.

Dates: July 4 - August 3, 2013
Course Offered: Journal and Sketchbook: Ways of Seeing - Florence
Course Number: 55-4335LDM (undergrad), 55-5335LDM (grad)
Instructors: Patty McNair and Philip Hartigan
Class Meeting Times: TBA 

Next Information Meetings
Thursday, February 28, Room 1205
Thursday, March 7, Room 1205
Thursday, March 14, Room 1205
Thursday, April 11, Room 1205
Monday, April 22, Room 1205

All meetings take place 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm
624 S. Michigan Ave.

Credit for Journal and Sketchbook: Four hours for undergrads, counted toward core requirements for Fiction Writing majors, college-wide elective credit for non-majors; three credit hours for grads, counted toward the writing component requirement.

Journal and Sketchbook Course Description: Recommended for anyone interested in writing and/or visual art, travel narratives, documentation, and creative practices. Journal and Sketchbook will be team-taught by a writer and a visual artist, using interdisciplinary approaches in order to help students better see their narrative work and develop creative processes useful for all artists, writers, filmmakers, etc. Kafka, Goya, Faulkner, and others have been inspired by word and image; their journals and sketchbooks show exploration in text, image, and their intersections. Students will consider their written and visual work fully through personal observation, seeing and responding simultaneously, and seeing-in-the-mind through imagination and memory.

Other Classes offered: In addition to Journal and Sketchbook, other courses will be offered in the Florence program by various departments at Columbia College Chicago. For information about other participating departments and the courses offered, please contact International Programs at 312-369-6852. Additionally, Italian language courses at every level will be offered by the host institution, Lorenzo di Medici. Students may register for more than one course. Independent projects for up to two hours of credit for students registered in Journal and Sketchbook may be proposed; contact Patty McNair.

For information about other participating departments and the courses offered, please contact International Programs at 312-369-6852.

More about the Florence program: Florence is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful, vibrant cities. Journal and Sketchbook will draw upon visual, literary, historical, and cultural aspects of Florence and Italy. Through creative exploration and research, personal observation and documentation, immersion and excursion, students will develop work toward final, fully-realized projects in text and image. There are no prerequisites for this class, allowing students of all skills levels to participate. Open to all students and alumni. (Alumni register as students-at-large.) This course can fulfill a college-wide elective. Please contact Patty McNair in the Fiction Writing program at 312-369-7611 for credit and advising information. Pack lots of journals, sketchbooks, pens and drawing tools, and multiple pairs of comfortable shoes. What better way to spend a summer than to explore Florence with your creative tools in hand?

Cost: $4500 (approx.)

Includes 4-credit hours of tuition, registration fee, studio fee, and housing. Also includes walking tours of Florence, visits to museums, use of a cell phone. Excludes airfare and meals. Optional out-of-town excursions still in development will be offered at extra cost.

Financial Aid: Available. Contact Student Financial Services.

Everyone will need: a US passport (approx. $100). Applications in the Int'l Programs office or http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

Important Dates:
Starting September 2012: $1,000 deposit (applied toward session fees) will be collected.

February 1, 2013: To ensure your space in the program and to ensure its viability, it is recommended that you pay this deposit by this date. The sooner deposits are made, the sooner students can make travel arrangements and save on airfare. Please make your deposits at the cashier, 3rd floor, 600 S. Michigan, or on Oasis. Please specify that you’re making a deposit for the Florence Program, Fiction Writing. Please bring your receipt to the Fiction Writing office to have a copy made for your records.

April 8, 2013: Summer registration begins. Please sign up for the class within the first week of summer registration to ensure program viability.

April 19, 2013: Deposits and registrations are due.

April 30, 2013: Application packet Is due. Please deliver to International Programs Office, 13th Floor, 600 S. Michigan. Application will include your flight information, emergency contact information, and passport photocopy.

As availability allows, we will take late deposits and applications.

Contact: Patty McNair, Fiction Writing program, pmcnair@colum.edu, or Elizabeth Yokas, eyokas@colum.edu 312-369-7611. You may also contact the International Programs Office: 312-369-7726. Interest forms are available by download or on the Fiction Writing program's information table by the elevators (12th floor, 624 S. Michigan Building).

Application and Information Materials for Download
Click here to download all of the forms you'll need to fill out. Please submit the full application in one bundle to International Programs, 13th floor, 600 S. Michigan. International Programs Link: http://www.colum.edu/Administrative_offices/Academic_Initiatives/International_Programs/Departmental_Programs_and_Field_Trips/www.colum.edu Don't miss this exciting opportunity to study in one of the great cities of Europe!

Application and Information Materials for Download 
Click here to download all of the forms you'll need to fill out.

Click here to download the interest sheet.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to study in one of the great cities of Europe!