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Clustered Courses
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Clustered Courses

Fiction Writing program offers "clusters" which allow students to take a number of courses in particular areas of our course offerings. (Be sure to check the course prerequisites before enrolling.)

NOTE: Courses listed in the clusters are not necessarily offered every semester.

Cluster 1 — The Novel

  • Critical Reading and Writing: The Novel in Stories
  • Critical Reading and Writing: Novelists
  • Critical Reading and Writing: First Novels
  • Novel Writing

Cluster 2 — Playwriting and Theater

  • Playwriting I
  • Playwriting II
  • Playwriting: Advanced (to be taken concurrently with New Plays Workshop)
  • New Plays Workshop (offered through the Theater Department and part of BA/BFA Playwriting degrees)
  • Critical Reading and Writing: Drama and Story
  • Story to Stage
  • Games for Writers
  • Critical Reading and Writing: Experimental Theater

Cluster 3 — Teaching of Writing

  • Practice Teaching: Tutor Training
  • Practice Teaching: Classroom
  • Dialects and Fiction Writing
  • Survey Research and Methods of Teaching Writing (Grad only)

NOTE: Practice Teaching: Tutor Training and Practice Teaching: Classroom require a recommendation from your Core Fiction Writing class instructor. No exceptions. If you enroll without teacher recommendation you may be asked to drop the class.

Cluster 4 — Film

  • Story and Script
  • Story in Fiction and Film (Fulfills HA requirement)
  • Story in Fiction and Film: International (Fulfills HA requirement)
  • Semester in LA courses

Cluster 5 — Publishing Industry

  • Fiction Writers and Publishing
  • Small Press Publishing
  • Freelance Applications of Fiction Writing Training

Cluster 6 — Creative Nonfiction

  • Prose Forms
  • Advanced Prose Forms
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Bibliography and Research
  • Critical Reading and Writing: Fiction Writers as Creative Nonfiction Writers
Cluster 7 — Genre Writing Courses
  • Science Fiction Writing
  • Advanced Science Fiction Writing
  • Fantasy Fiction Writing
  • Suspense Thriller Fiction
  • Writing Popular Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Advanced Young Adult Fiction
  • Writing For Children
  • Writing Historical Fiction