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Interdisciplinary Minors
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Interdisciplinary Minors


The Interdisciplinary Minor in Playwriting is designed to give students in Theater, Fiction Writing, and other fields represented at Columbia College a comprehensive and coherent opportunity to broaden their skills in writing for the stage and media performance modes. Students in this program will develop the requisite skills for both long and short forms of stage writing, for adaptation of fictional works to script forms, and for monologues for solo performers. The range of writing experiences will enhance the students' professional marketability in the related fields of stage and media advertising, public relations, and other fields where creative problem solving and script forms come into play.

Degree Requirements

Electives may be chosen from the following Theater classes:

  • Acting I: Basic Skills
  • Improvisational Techniques for the Actor I
  • Text Analysis
  • Introduction to Design
  • New Plays Workshop
  • Creating Solo Performance
  • Neo-futurist Performance Workshop

Electives may be chosen from the following Fiction Writing classes:

  • Fiction Writing II
  • Story and Script
  • Story to Stage

Independent Studies may be taken as electives in either Theater or Fiction. Acting II: Collaborative Performance and Fiction Writing II are highly recommended.