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Playwriting Degree Requirements
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Playwriting Degree Requirements


Degree Requirements

The overall goal of the Fiction Writing and Theater Departments' 54-hour Bachelor of Arts degree program is to provide students with a full education in the art of playwriting, emphasizing writing skills and dramatic writing technique along with the aesthetics and sensibilities of performance, ritual, and the collaborative nature of the dramatic arts. The degrees are natural extensions of the undergraduate Interdisciplinary Minor in Playwriting program (already in existence). The Fiction Writing Department will offer courses in Writing Practice and Theory, thereby providing the playwright with a home to incubate and develop dramatic writing techniques. The Theater Department will offer courses in Performance and Theater Practice, as well as additional theory, thereby providing the playwright with knowledge and experience related to performing his or her text in a three-dimensional space. Students could join the BA program immediately. Students with the requisite GPA could choose to enter the BFA program after 60 hours.

The following courses present a range of electives that can be clustered, along with other electives from across the college approved by Fiction Writing and Theater faculty counselors.

  • Solo Performance II
  • Teaching Practicum
  • Improvisational Techniques I
  • Voice Training for the Actor I
  • Acting I Scene Study and Rehearsal Lab
  • Prose Forms
  • Advanced Fiction Writing
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Practice Teaching: Tutor Training
  • Practice Teaching: Classroom
  • Poetry Workshop
  • Writing For Television
  • Writing the Situation Comedy
  • Writing for Multimedia
  • The Professional Writing Workshop
  • Development and Preproduction
  • Screenwriting I: Writing the Short Film
  • Shakespeare
  • Introduction to Dramatic Literature
  • American Musical Theater: From the Beginnings to 1945
  • American Musical Theater: From 1945 to the Present