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Practical Experience
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Practical Experience

Employers prefer experienced, competent, and confident individuals over those who don’t have training and whose capabilities haven’t been tested.

Fiction Writing students have secured internships in a variety of professions including newspapers, trade magazines, banks, computer software companies, personnel firms, legal firms, television, video, radio, and other businesses.

An internship can help you earn credit toward your degree, test-drive a career or a company, deepen understanding of your field, gain skills and work experience, prove yourself to a potential employer, learn employers’ needs and how you might market your skills to a tailored fit, make professional contacts, create a work portfolio or get clips.

In order to be eligible for an internship you must:
  • Be at least a junior (60 credit hours completed). Transfer students must have completed 15 hours minimum at Columbia.
  • Have completed 16 hours in the Fiction Writing program, including Prose Forms
  • List at least 3 Fiction Writing program faculty as references
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 grade point average.
Having met the minimum requirements does not guarantee an internship for an applicant. The acceptance or rejection of a student’s application is at the sole discretion of the Fiction Writing program.

Fiction Writing program office, room 1200, 624 S. Michigan Avenue for more information. 312-344-7611