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Columbia College Chicago
Outreach Programs
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Outreach Programs

The Saturday Scholars Program is a college and workforce readiness program that is held on the Columbia College Chicago downtown campus two Saturdays a month during the school year.  It offers expanded opportunities to prepare for college or training after high school graduation.  Teachers from all over the city teach interactive sessions.  Classes in the arts and technology are offered to interested students as well as oral and written communication. 

After School Matters is a job-training program that teens (ages 14-18) living in the city of Chicago can apply for. There is an application and hiring process that happens before programs begin in June. After School Matters runs programs in theater, painting, graphic design, vocal ensemble, ballet, and other arts. A Creative Writing program is also offered. Over the course of eight weeks Apprentice Artists are taken through a range of writing workshops in which apprentices read at the Cultural Center. 

Project AIM introduces public school teachers and students to the authentic arts practice of professional artists by partnering teaching artists from Columbia College and community-based art organizations with Chicago Public School teachers.  The talented cadre of AIM teaching artists bring stheir expertise in creative writing, spoken word performances, theater, music, visual arts, book and paper arts, photography, and film to the classroom. 

Held on the Columbia College Chicago campus two Saturdays a month during the school year, Music Theatre Workshop/Teens Together prepares young people to make positive life choices by training them to write, produce, and perform original musical theater inspired by personal stories. Along with fiction-writing instructors and Meade Palidofsky, committed students create an original musical script, which is then performed at the Summer in West Pullman Park program.  The writers are published and given a reading of their finished script.

ACT/Write engages Chicago Public School students in active arts literacy by combining Free Street's theater training techniques with the Columbia College Fiction Writing program's Story Workshop® approach to the teaching of writing.  Through their weekly involvement with fiction -writing artists, students learn to trust their imaginative sensibilities through creative play, actively participating as both storytellers and audience.