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Chris Terry

Voices celebrates stories of the Fiction Writing program community. Here you will find a wide variety of audio and video clips of readings and performances of students, faculty, visiting writers, friends of the program, and alums.

We dedicate our Voices page to Robyn Eastman—alumna, colleague and friend of the Fiction Writing program. Robyn brought her enthusiasm, wisdom, grace, and sense of humor to her work that always imagined a better world.

If you have a clip you would like to submit for consideration to the Voices page please contact Gary Johnson.

An excerpt from A Vicious Circle, a novel-in-progress
by Eric May

An excerpt from Miles from Nowhere
by Nami Mun

"Something Like Faith" from The Temple of Air
by Patricia Ann McNair

"Solid-State Reactions"
by Christine Rice

by Lynn Shapiro

"The World That Never Comes"
by Chris DeGuire

"Fucked in Canada"
by Devon Polderman

"Seizing Chaos"
by Germania Solorzano

An excerpt from Gamekeepers, a novel-in-progress
by Alexis Pride

An excerpt from Behind the Six
by Agustus Rose

"Frog Genocide," an excerpt from Hey, Liberal!, a novel-in-progress
by Shawn Shiflett

"Animal Hospital"
by Joe Meno

"The Shadows Behind the Trees"
by Sam Weller

"Blue Egg"
by Lisa Schlesinger

An excerpt from Sleep Tight
by Jeff Jacobson

"Earth Tourist"
by Ann Hemenway

"The Commute" from The Affairess
by Robert Duffer

"Les Sirènes Solicit-tatator or By the Grace of Grann Ezili"
by Tina Jens

"Surviving the Bush Nightmare"
by Gary Johnson
"Who Brought the Whores?"
by Eliza Fogel
"In Your Absence"
by Christian Woodruff
Third Place Certificate in Magazine Essay
"The Black Bedsheets"
by Laura Elizabeth Fisher
Certificate of Merit in Traditional Fiction
"The Pinball Expo"
by Maggie Ritchie
First Place Certificate in Magazine Essay
"Then There Were Three"
by Gina Diponio