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Columbia College Chicago
Grading and Assessment Policy

Grading and Assessment Policy


It is imperative that the faculty gives Graduate students feedback regarding their academic performance prior to the mid-term.  This evaluation may be in the form of a quiz, a question and answer test, an essay, or any other writing assignment.  The established time frame appropriately accords students the opportunity to improve their academic standing; this may prove acutely significant for those who are on Academic Probation.  We emphasize self-directed learning, but we do need to provide the evaluation tools so that students are aware of their academic status, and to allot sufficient time so that they may be able to take necessary actions to improve their grades.


Pursuant to the requirements of Columbia College Chicago, Evaluations of Intended Student Learning Outcomes through our Department’s on-going Assessment Program will be pursued and maintained. 


In accordance with the Assessment Measurements, it has been regarded that 80% and/or above is adequate and acceptable for our graduate programs, ultimately the equivalent of an A or B work.  Below 80%, however, is considered inadequate.  A grade of C will require the student to repeat the course.   No pluses (+) or minuses (-) will be given.  

Our commitment to each and every student is to provide the best educational and optimal growth environment that we can possibly achieve.  It is a delicate balance between maintaining academic rigor and individually meeting the needs of each of our students.  Notwithstanding new policies and procedures, this delicate balance remains always in the forefront of our mind.  We collectively and individually assure our students of our commitment. 

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures