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Research/Thesis (MA)

Research/Thesis (MA)

In order to earn a Master’s Degree from the Department of Creative Arts Therapies, each MA student is required to complete an independent thesis project that demonstrates the student’s ability to creatively integrate theory, existing literature of the profession, and research methods. The topic and form of this project must be approved in advance through a proposal submitted to the Departmental Thesis Committee and the college's Institutional Review Board. The thesis is also a vehicle for each student to share her or his work with other professionals in the creative arts therapies and social sciences, as well as dance/movement therapy and counseling. Many students submit their research to state, regional and national conferences and publications, as well as present their work to the Columbia College Chicago community.


Thesis Manual: For all students entered into the program prior to Fall 2011

Thesis Manual: For all students entered into the program Fall 2011 and later