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Application Checklist

Application Checklist

When applying to the MA program or the Alternate Route Certificate you will need to submit the following materials:
  • Online Application, with application fee
  • Self-Assessment essay: For the Master's of Arts program, please write about any Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling experiences (courses, workshops, etc.) in which you have participated. Also include your interest and background in the behavioral sciences including volunteer work, and describe your motivation to become a dance/movement therapist. Under a separate heading of Dance Experience, please BRIEFLY answer the following questions:
    • Approximately how many years of dance experience do you have?
    • What is your primary dance style?
    • What styles of dance have you studied?
    • What performing experience do you have?
    • What teaching experience do you have?
    • What choreographic experience do you have?
  • Two letters of recommendation: Note that recommenders are notified via email once the online application process has begun. 
  • Resume (please include dance education and performances in your resume)
  • An official transcript from any and all colleges/universities attended
  • Please submit a short (1 to 3 minutes in length) video clip of you dancing in your preferred dance style. It can be a section of a performance or a piece of your own choreography as long as you are moving in it. Please identify yourself in the piece, and the admissions committee should be able to observe you clearly.
  • The Online Application and corresponding materials can be accessed on our Apply page. Click here if you are ready to apply.

Please remember:  A group interview is required as part of the admission process before acceptance into the program is final.  You will be contacted by the Department of Creative Arts Therapies if they feel your application warrants your attendance at the Movement Admissions Interview. 

Applicants for academic year 2015-2016 may be invited to the Movement Admissions Interview in March 2015.

Students interested in the MA degree should have basic coursework in the behavioral sciences.  Applicants must have at least three undegraduate psychology courses and an Anatomy/Kinesiology course. Recommended courses include the following:

  • General Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Personality Development
  • Psychophysiology
  • Anatomy/Kinesiology (Applied Anatomy, Biomechanics, Anatomy for Dancers). Note that the department offers this hard to find course in a workshop format.

Students without this background will be considered but may be required to make up undergraduate deficiencies as determined by the graduate faculty. ALL pre-requisites should be completed before the first semester of admittance. Applicants missing any of the necessary prerequisites can include an explanation of how they plan to fulfill them on a separate page in the essay entitled Prerequisite Fulfillment.

Per the American Dance Therapy Association, we require the following minimum of dance training and experience: 5 years concentrated study in at least one dance form such as modern, ballet, jazz, tap, improvisation, ethnic or folk, leading to competence in the basic fundamentals of dance, e.g. rhythmic and spatial clarity, kinesthetic awareness, and movement dynamics. This may be supported by collateral dance studies such as dance theory, dance composition, creative dance improvisation, dance education, etc.

If you are an international student you will need to submit all of the above materials as well as the additional International Application Materials.

All prospective students are encouraged to view our FAQ sheet - CLICK HERE!