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Student Performance Opportunities

Student Performance Opportunities

Dance Center students have numerous opportunities to perform while they are studying dance at Columbia College Chicago. Usually they are involved directly with the choreographers in the development of new dance works, valuable experience they can take into the "real world". Gaining experience with public performance and learning to work with a variety of choreographers is critical to a successful career as a dancer. At the Dance Center, students have numerous performance opportunities across their years of study.  In addition to these opportunities, students are kept informed about outside auditions and performance opportunities in the Chicago dance community at large. 

Each semester, the Dance Center presents these performances in the Dance Center's theater:

Student Performance Night
Choreographic Project 
Senior Concert
Repertory Performance Workshop (RPW) / Faculty Concert

Tickets are a $5.00 suggested donation and benefit The Dance Center’s Student Scholarship Fund.

Student Performance Night is one of The Dance Center's programs aimed at giving students experience in a professionally produced dance concert on a fully operating stage. Each choreographer works with the SPN faculty advisor and a mentoring faculty member for feedback and guidance.  They lead rehearsals, prepare cast information, secure costuming, work with the technical director on lighting and coordinate with one another around inevitable scheduling conflicts.

Each piece is created and rehearsed voluntarily by the choreographers and dancers.  Months before the performance, a juried "open stage" audition is conducted.  This is an opportunity for students to show their creative work to their peers and receive feedback and suggestions from a panel comprised of Dance Center Faculty members and one student.  The dances chosen reflect the wonderful range of talents and interests within our student community. 

Choreographic Project
is a showcase of works choreographed by students nearing the end of their compositional studies track and is intended to give a formal setting for the expression of the student's individual artistic voice. The course serves as a culminating choreographic experience, offering students the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have learned as dancemakers, and providing both the student and the department with an opportunity to assess the results of a Columbia College Chicago education in dance. The course is also required for BFA and BA students pursuing the Dancemaking track, serving as an opportunity to demonstrate the student artistic progress before they go on to upper level studies in the field.

Repertory & Performance Workshop
is a course offered by The Dance Center that provides students with the opportunity to work with professional choreographers and the experience of working as a student dance company. Works are set on the students during the course of the term and performed in conjunction with a Faculty Concert. Past Repertory Performance Workshop guest choreographers include Liz Lerman, Gesel Mason, Reggie Wilson, Molly Shanahan, Jan Erkert, and Erica Wilson-Perkins.

The Faculty Concert is a presentation of Faculty works performed by students from The Dance Department. The concert provides a venue for faculty to create work as well as an opportunity for students to perform in a professional setting.

Senior Concert is the culminating highlight for students completing a BFA with a Dancemaking concentration at the Dance Center. All aspects of the craft are brought together in as realistic a setting as possible in order for the student to experience the full range of responsibilities and opportunities associated with the presentation of their own choreographic work.


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