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Transfer Student Policies

Transfer Student Policies

The Dance Department is eager to work with transfer students in examining previous course work and determining which courses will stand as equivalent to requirements in our program.

There are a number of courses common across many dance programs and a transferring dance major will typically have several that can fulfill our requirements. However, there is significant variation in course titles and curricular sequencing among dance programs. In order to ensure the proper placement of transfer students within our program we will not guarantee the equivalence of any particular course until an appropriate Dance Department faculty counselor has met with the transfer student and evaluated their records.

Transfer students who wish to enroll for Modern or Ballet courses above the "I" level must complete level placement auditions in order to assure proper placement in our sequenced programs. If a transfer student is unable to attend a placement audition in advance of registration, they can work with a dance counselor at registration to determine a preliminary level placement. Having registered according to the preliminary placement, the student must audition during the first week of classes to confirm their placement. Should the audition result in a different level placement, adjustments to the student's schedule must be made.