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Columbia College Chicago
iTunes U

iTunes U

iTunes U

The Resource Center Online!!

*Follow the directions below to access useful information such as:
 Audio Interviews on career choices, such as Massage Therapy, Teaching, Pilates, Dance Movement Therapy, etc.
o PDF files of important dance articles good for research papers
o Grant Proposal information
o Information on Dance in Chicago
o Information on Dance outside of Chicago
o And more...

iTunes Inventory (view at the Dance Center front desk)



Go to: https://cast.colum.edu/cgi-bin/login.pl

Login with your OASIS login and password. 
This will open iTunes (click on Trust or Okay)

In iTunes:
Scroll down to "Departments section."
Choose "Dance."
Click on the tab you wish and give it a moment as it opens.
To download:
Click on "Get" button to the far right.
Wait while it downloads.
Find your copy in your iTunes Library, in a folder named Columbia College Chicago.