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Master of Arts in Teaching: Visual Art Education Graduate Major (41 credits)
The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Art Education program offers students an opportunity to develop broad understandings of the visual arts and effective ways to communicate this understanding to others. This program attracts students with a strong interest in art and a desire to work with young people. It is ideal for both aspiring educators who wish to make a meaningful career change and those already committed to the field who wish to obtain new tools and formalized certification.

The Art Education program prepares students to teach art with a focus on integrating the arts into core content areas such as literature, social sciences, mathematics, and the sciences. Course work emphasizes a balance between theoretical and practical needs for art education students. Our students participate in classroom experiences by observing and engaging students in the public schools with an emphasis and commitment to working in urban environments. Our students also learn how to be valued colleagues of classroom teachers as they explore ways to connect the arts to the important ideas of the content areas. The Art Education MAT degree meets state and national certification standards.

Graduates of this program are leaders who foster collaboration, critical thinking and reflection, consciousness of self, and cultural diversity in the classroom. They often choose to become art teachers in public and private institutions—such as elementary and secondary schools—museums, and other institutional settings.

This MAT program is designed for college graduates who have decided to use their knowledge and skills to become certified teachers. If you are a Columbia College undergraduate who wishes to apply your knowledge and passion for the arts to the education of children and youth, we encourage you to consider this graduate degree as a natural continuation of your Columbia College experiences.

This program is also a natural fit for “career changers,” those who have completed a bachelors degree and have later decided to become a certified teacher in art education.

To meet the scheduling needs of graduate students, we offer courses in the early evening. And, this MAT program is designed to be completed in two years.

For further information about the MAT in Art Education, or to observe a class, please contact Ms. Sheila Brady at sbrady@colum.edu or at 312.369.8147.