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Columbia College Chicago
Thanks to all who attended and made this event so successful!
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Thanks to all who attended and made this event so successful!



The Ray of Light
Susan Budde
Scott Welty
- S&S Collaborations

S&S Collaborations
S&S was founded to provide experiences for young children AND their teachers that will help both to reveal the underlying patterns that are operating in the physical world in which we live. An understanding of our physical reality begins with feeling it, touching it, and playing with it. Our workshops use basic materials to accomplish this goal. The more you know as a teacher the more you SEE as a teacher. Teacher’s need fundamental understanding of physical laws so that they might recognize the teachable moment when it arises.

S&S Collaborations
Early childhood teacher workshops

Technology for Children: Hands-On Activities
Andy Russell
- Launchpad Toys
Brian Puerling - Catherine Cook School
Erin Stanfill - Burley Elementary

Playful Learning
RAPPid Prototyping

Technology that Supports Teacher Practice
Hannah Clemmons
Jacob Beydler

Photo organizing and sharing


Software for notetaking and archiving
Capture and present information as pictures

Technology that Supports Teacher Practice
Angela Fowler - Columbia College Chicago

ChildFolio is a free authentic assessment application developed by Experience Early Learning in partnership with Columbia College Chicago. The application can be used to capture documentation in the forms of photographs, videos, audio files and notes. This documentation can be organized into individual child portfolios, connected to formal learning standards and shared with children, families and administrators all in one convenient space.

Information on new authentic assessment application

Technology Resources for Educators
David Kleeman - American Center for Children and Media
Chip Donohue - Erikson Institute
Katie Paciga - Purdue University

Technology Resources for Educators

Technology for Children - Teacher Tools
Guillermo Krovblit - Peapod Labs
Frances Judd - Mrs. Judd's Games
Andy Russell - Launchpad Toys

Peadpod Labs

Technology for Children & Space for Exploration Workshop
Sam Hall - Boulder Journey School
Hannah Clemmons

Makey Makey
An Invention Kit for Everyone
Make Your Own Contact Microphone
(there is no affiliation with this blog, and was only used for this helpful guide)


Create and share your own interactive stories, games, music and art
iTunes Visualizer
Hidden iTunes visualizer controls

Thanks again to all who participated in our first conference. The dates for next year's event are set for October 17th-18th 2013 @ Erikson. Be on the lookout for more information. Hope to see you then!