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Faculty & Staff
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Faculty & Staff

The Department of English has a talented faculty of dedicated professionals who are enthusiastic about improving students' abilities to think, write, read, and speak intelligently and effectively. The faculty also has a commitment to enriching students' liberal education and to providing them with marketable career options for the professional world.

The department's courses in composition, literature, professional writing, reading and speech are taught both by full-time and adjunct faculty. Department faculty have authored more than fifty books and hundreds of articles, stories, and poems. They give papers at professional conferences and are active within the college and the larger community.

Faculty Member Status
Molly Ades Lecturer Director, EAL
Jennifer Ailles Lecturer
Frank Alletto Adjunct
George Bailey Associate Professor
Sheila Baldwin Associate Professor
Nancy Beckett Adjunct
Kathy Bergquist Adjunct
Steven Bithos Adjunct
Varen Black Adjunct
Rose Blouin Associate Professor
Suzanne Blum Malley Associate Professor
Director,Professional Writing Program
Brianne Bolin Adjunct
Chris Bower Adjunct
Terence Brunk Associate Professor Director, Literature
Corrine Calice Adjunct
Madhurima Chakraborty Assistant Professor
Peter Christensen Professor Emeritus
Allison Creed Adjunct
Ken Daley Associate Professor Chair, Department of English
Tony Del Valle Associate Professor
Jim DeRogatis Lecturer
Joe Eldridge Adjunct
Joseph Fedorko Adjunct
Kathleen Giles Adjunct
Arlene Greene Associate Professor
Tanya Harasym Academic Staff
Ames Hawkins Associate Professor
Nicolas Hayes Adjunct
Susen James Adjunct
Patrick Jehle Adjunct
Amanda Johnson Adjunct
Allan Johnston Adjunct
Saralina Kamholtz-Roberts Adjunct
Maggie Kast Adjunct
Jamie Kazay Adjunct
Katrina Kemble Adjunct
Don Klugman Adjunct
Ryan Kulefsky Adjunct
Janel Landon Adjunct
Art Lange Adjunct
Amanda Marbais Adjunct
Nelly Maynard Adjunct
Michelle McCart Adjunct
M. Kilian McCurrie Associate Professor
Sarah Meltzer Adjunct
Jim Nagle Adjunct
Tom Nawrocki Associate Professor
Phyllis Nelson Adjunct
Sarah Odishoo Associate Professor
Thomas O'Donnell Lecturer
Karen Lee Osborne Professor
Samuel Park Associate Professor English & Creative Writing
Jean Petrolle Associate Professor
Ellen Placey Wadey Adjunct
Douglas Reichert Powell Associate Professor Interim Director First-Year Seminar
Pegeen Reichert Powell Associate Professor Director, First Year Writing
Kerry Reid Adjunct
Megan Reilly Adjunct
Brendan Riley Associate Professor Technology/Pedagogy Coordinator
Nancy Rinehart Adjunct
Michael Robbins Adjunct
Michael Robins Adjunct
Lloyd Sachs Adjunct
Jonn Salovaara Senior Lecturer
Alexis Sarkisian Adjunct
Daryl Satcher Adjunct
Michelle Sayset Senior Lecturer
Suzanne Scanlon Adjunct
Jeff Schiff Professor
Robert Simoncini Adjunct
Amanda Snyder Adjunct
Sean Starr Adjunct
Jill Summers Adjunct
John Sutton Adjunct
Erin Teegarden Adjunct
Jana Tuzar Adjunct
Lauren Viera Adjunct
Mary Lou Wade Adjunct
Sara Wainscott Adjunct
Stan West Adjunct
A. Qween Wicks Adjunct
Michelle Williams Adjunct
Kathleen Wilson Adjunct
Mark Withrow Associate Professor Director, Oral Expression

Staff members in the Department of English

Jennie Fauls
Assistant Director of First-Year Writing

Patrice Ward-Newkirk
Administrative Assistant

Dokki Kang
Department Technologist