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Ames Hawkins
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Ames Hawkins

Writing and Rhetoric, Creative Nonfiction, Cultural Studies

Amy HawkinsHello! I come to Columbia College by way of three different institutions. First, I received my BA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I majored in American culture. Then, I followed my interests to Bowling Green State University in Ohio where I received an MA in Popular Culture. Finally, I returned to Michigan and finished the PhD program in English (Composition and Rhetoric) and Wayne State University in Detroit.

In general, my areas of interest include ethnography as a pedagogical approach to the writing classroom, computers and composition, popular culture, and GLBT writing/studies. Specifically, I am interested in getting students excited about writing. I seek to find ways to make composition class a meaningful and valuable experience for students, not only in terms of academic requirements, but also as a way of promoting conscious critical communication. I teach in Writing and Rhetoric, Creatiive Nonfiction, and Cultural Studies.

In addition to my teaching and research, my interests include golf, motorcycling, skiing, and walking. I also love to travel.

Office Location: 300-V, English Department, 3rd floor, 33 E.Congress

Office Phone: 312-369-8149

Email: ahawkins@colum.edu

Mailing Address:
Ames Hawkins
Department of English
Columbia College of Chicago
600 So. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605