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George Bailey
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George Bailey

George BaileyGeorge Bailey has an M.A. in English from DePaul University and a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. George teaches such courses as Writing and Rhetoric I, Blues as Literature, and The Slave Narrative as Documentary. He has published work in The Chicago Sun-Times as well as in literary journals and anthologies such as New Chicago Stories. He edited the collection of short fiction, West Side Stories.  His writing has appeared in Chicago Works: A New Collection of Chicago Authors' Best Stories. AIMPrint: Making Our Imprint on the Arts and  Learning   He has also written monthly articles for the Chicago Journal. His research interests include the slave narrative, and the Buffalo Soldiers, a term given to African-American men who fought for the U.S. government against Native Americans during the late 19th century.  George has given presentations and dramatic performances at public libraries and schools based on his research.

Office Location:  English Department, 300-K, 3rd floor, 33 E. Congress

Office Phone: 312-369-8114. 

Email: gbailey@colum.edu

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George Bailey
Department of English 
Columbia College of Chicago 
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