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Jonn Salovaara
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Jonn Salovaara

Senior Lecturer

Jonn SalovaaraWhile focusing some classes on community engagement, in a partnership with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, I’ve also been examining different approaches to inquiry, especially the ethnographic. I’ve also been expanding my understanding of composition to include audio, video, and photographic elements, along with alphabetic text.

Even after all these years, I fear I still look like a worried accountant most of the time, but I relax a little bit in front of a class, and I thrive on the writing risks taken by my students.  Can't get enough of those sensory details, those alternative endings, those crystalline insights.

Office Location: Room 300-R, 33 E. Congress

Office Phone: (312) 369-8198

FAX: 312-369-8001

Email: jsalovaara@colum.edu

Mailing Address:
Jonn Salovaara
Department of English
Columbia College of Chicago
600 So. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605