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Lisa Fishman
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Lisa Fishman

Director, Creative Writing—Poetry Programs
Associate Professor of English

lisafishman2009Poetry Program Director Lisa Fishman is the author of five books of poetry (two are in press) and four chapbooks. Her newest collections are Current (Parlor Press, November 2010) and F L O W E R  C A R T (Ahsahta, May 2011). Her most recent chapbook, at the same time as scattering, will be out in Fall 2010 on Albion Books, San Francisco. Fishman’s earlier books are The Happiness Experiment (Ahsahta, 2007); Dear, Read (Ahsahta, 2002); and The Deep Heart’s Core Is a Suitcase (New Issues Press, 1996).  Her chapbooks are Lining (Boxwood Editions, 2009), KabbaLoom (Wyrd Press, 2007), and “The Holy Spirit does not deal in synonimes: a Transcription of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Marginalia in Her Greek and Hebrew Bibles” (Parcel Press, 2008). Fishman’s poems are published in such magazines as 1913, Colorado Review, Conduit, Volt, A Public Space, Free Verse, Parthenon West Review and elsewhere.

She completed a doctoral dissertation on Shelley’s mercurial poetics and has research interests in 19th-century British poetry, Modern American poetry, and literary theory. Courses taught by Fishman include British Romanticism; Poets’ Letters; Poetics; and close reading seminars on Hopkins, Keats, Yeats, Stevens and Moore. An Associate Professor of English, Fishman lives in Madison and on a farm in Orfordville, Wisconsin. She spends alternate winters between semesters in Italy and France. For commentary on her poetry, go to http://www.boisestate.edu/english/ahsahta/books/fishman2/fishman2-review.htm, where reviews from Ron Silliman’s blog, Rain Taxi, Publisher’s Weekly, and others are gathered.

Office Location: English Department, Room 520, 33 E. Congress

Office telephone: 312-369-8225

Email: lfishman@colum.edu

Mailing Address: 
Lisa Fishman
Department of English 
Columbia College of Chicago 
600 S. Michigan Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60605