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Join the FYS Teaching Academy
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Join the FYS Teaching Academy

Please Note:

First-Year Seminar instructors are required to be active adjunct or full-time faculty or staff in another department or office at Columbia College Chicago. The First-Year Seminar is not currently seeking adjunct faculty whose role at Columbia would be limited to teaching First-Year Seminar.

Eligible Columbia College faculty and staff who are interested in joining the FYS Teaching Academy are welcome to nominate themselves. See details below. 

About the Teaching Academy

The Academy is the forum through which FYS instructors are provided with the support necessary to ensure success in teaching the seminar. Participation in the Teaching Academy is a prerequisite for teaching First-Year Seminar the new course seeks to create a community of faculty members as well as one of students.

New Teaching Academy Fellows generally join the Academy during the spring semester and teach First-Year Seminar the following fall or spring (or both). Much of the Academy's work is undertaken in small colloquia that meet over the course of the spring semester. Full Academy meetings also occur throughout the year. 

In recognition of the commitment and dedication required of the Teaching Academy, Fellows are provided with a modest stipend.

Prospective FYS Instructors

To Nominate Yourself for the Teaching Academy, please submit a statement of interest letting us know who you are and why you want to teach FYS. Be sure to address what you hope to contribute to the Teaching Academy and what you hope to get from participating. Include contact information for two references (preferably at Columbia College) who can speak to your abilities as a teacher, and let us know if we may contact your department chairperson, program director, and/or program coordinator. Submit your statement by email to Interim Director Douglas Reichert-Powell: dpowell AT colum.edu.