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Student Process
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Student Process

The student process

Internships can be a great way to apply what you learn in a classroom setting to real life situations, build your resume, gain work experience in a professional setting and get a job.
Internships are fun, challenging, enlightening, but they are also work.  You will make a commitment to an employer, and you will be expected to complete that commitment to the best of your ability and in a professional manner.

Some details to know before you start:

    1. Internships for credit are available to Junior or Senior level students (that means you have completed 60 credits hours or more) that have a GPA of 3.0 or above in your major. 
a. If you do not meet these prerequisites, you need to wait until a following semester or year when you’ve meet these first requirements.
b. If you register, you pay for the credits as you would a class.  Some employers require that an internship be registered for credit.  Please inquire before you interview if this might be an issue for you.
  1. Students are able to do internships that are not for credit.  They still build your resume and give you great work experience in a professional environment.  The internship coordinator does not supervise internships that are not registered for credit.
  2. Students may do internships that are both paid and for credit.   
  3. Please review the internship deadline to determine if you are able to receive credit or not, and ensure that you are following the calendar.  Requests for internship credit registration following the Internship Deadline posted on the “Important Dates” calendar for any given semester, will be denied.

Where do I start?

  1. Internship and job searches are self-directed in the Fashion Studies Department.  That means you conduct a search, identify companies you might want to work for, or identify areas of the industry in which you are interested.  Start with:
  2. This Resource List of websites and industry-related organizations or associations.
  3. ColumbiaWorks, job postings in 618 S. Michigan Ave. 10th fl. or 623 S. Wabash, 7th Floor.
  4.  After conducting your own search, if you are unable to narrow down opportunities, talk with your instructors and the internship coordinator.  They are great resources for you, and all have industry experience and knowledge to share with you.
  5. Once you have identified some companies or areas that you are interested in, make sure your resume and cover letter are updated and written for that specific opportunity!  The Portfolio Center can assist with your resume and cover letter or your internship coordinator.
  6. Email the internship coordinator to identify that companies with which you are seeking internships.
  7. If your target companies are approved by the internship coordinator, send your cover letter and resume.
  8. If you send your cover letter and resume, and don’t hear back from the employer within one week, please call them to follow-up to make sure they received your communication.
  9. Hopefully, you will receive a request for an interview!
  10. If you interview, and are offered a job, please email the internship coordinator immediately!
  11. You must complete the Letter of Agreement with your employer and a 1-2 page Learning Objective, typewritten by you, and turn those two documents into the internship coordinator.

 The completed documents can be emailed, faxed to 312.369.8422 with “Internship Documents” in the Subject Line, or you may drop them off during regular office hours to 618 S. Michigan Avenue, 10th Floor.  If the internship coordinator is not present, you may leave them with the front office staff or place them in the “Gamble” mailbox.

  1. Once all of your documents are received, the internship coordinator registers you for your internship.  You must include the number of credits hours you wish to register for in the Letter of Agreement, or you cannot be registered!!

**Note: To determine the number of credits for which you may be eligible, please check this chart!