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Columbia College Chicago
Adjunct Faculty
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Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty can be contacted via phone by calling the front desk at 312.369.7295. Please note that adjunct faculty do not have direct extensions or voicemail. Messages can be left with the receptionist.



  Diane Adams History
  Denenge Akpem Humanities
Doug Allen Social Science
  Cathy Andress Social Science
  Jerome Arkenberg History
  Arvis Averette Social Science
  Sita Balthazar-Thomas Social Science
  Cari Beecham-Bautista Social Science
  Juliet Bond Social Science
Satoko Bourdaghs Language
  William Bradley Social Science
  Constance Buckley History
Phillip Cabeen Language
  Mary Lou Carroll History
  Iymen Chehade History
  Janina Ciezadlo Humanities
Glennon Curran Social Science
de la Torre, Osvaldo Language
  Virginia Deoliveira-Alves Humanities
  Deborah Foote Humanities
  Jill Forshee Social Science
  Sean Francis Humanities
Martha Gardner History
  Keith Green History
Tom Greif Social Science
Terri Griffith Humanities
Max Grinnell Social Science
  Richard Grossman History
Giesela Grumbach Social Science
Ted Harwood Cultural Studies
  Adam Hilevsky Language
  Robert Hogg Humanities/Language
  Kenneth Hope Humanities
  Lindsay Huge History
  Michael Johnson History
  James Kollenbroich History
  Frederic Kopp History
Virgil Krapauskas History
  Lungelo Kuzwayo Humanities
Gregory Kveberg History
  Patricia LaFonte History
Joseph Lapsley History
Kerry Ledoux Social Science
  Raymond Lohne History
  Jose Lopez History
Jesus Macarena-Avila Humanities
Nicholas McCormick History
  Korey McWilliams Social Science
  John Menet History
Tytus Mikolajzcak History
  James Mullane Humanities
  Shuko Namikawa Language
  Prexy Nesbitt History
  Ailsa Nielsen Social Science
Victor Padilla History
  Laurie Perlini History
  Sharon Powell Social Science
  Ingrid Riedle Social Science/Humanities
Tabatha Robinson Social Science
Evin Rodkey Social Science
Philippe Schaller Language
Ana Sekler Language
Sarah Severson Social Science
  Victoria Shannon Humanities
  Maya Shewnarain Social Science
Jennifer Shibley Social Science
  Michael Sielepkowski History
  Tenena Soro Humanities
Elena Spilioti Language
  Elizabeth-Anne Stewart Humanities
  Michael Tafel History
  June Terpstra Social Science
  Christopher Thale History
David Thomas Humanities
  Claudia Traudt Humanities
Daniela Vela Jurado Language
  Patricia Walker Social Science
  Regina Wellner History
  Andrew Wilson History
 Touria Zoujel  Language