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Columbia College Chicago
Rojhat Avsar

Rojhat Avsar

Rojhat B. Avsar, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Economics at Columbia College Chicago.

Dr. Avsar earned his BS and MA degrees in Economics and recently received a PhD in Economics from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. He has been focusing his research on the following areas: rhetoric of public policies, political economy of current economic issues, and history of economic thought. His most recent academic articles are "A Critique of Neoliberal Autonomy" (Forum for Social Economics, 2008); "On the Pro-Social Security Rhetoric" (Forum for Social Economics, 2011); and "Mainstream Economic Rhetoric, Ideology and Institutions" (Journal of Economic Issues, 2011).

Contact Dr. Avsar:rojhat

Dr. Rojhat Avsar
Columbia College Chicago
Department of HHSS
600 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL