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Columbia College Chicago
Sean Johnson Andrews

Sean Johnson Andrews

Sean Johnson Andrews, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies in the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences at Columbia College Chicago.

Dr. Andrews began working at Columbia in the Fall of 2009. He holds PhD (2009) and MA (2002) degrees in Cultural Studies and English Literature, respectively, both from George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia. He earned his BA in Communication from Southwestern University (1999).

Dr. Andrews’s theoretical bent is closely aligned with the early Birmingham School of Cultural Studies, but with a revised understanding of the transnational sphere of culture and politics. In terms of media studies, his field of expertise is in positioning the concerns of Cultural Studies within the wider context of theories of communication and society alongside transformations of modernity and modernization. In global political economy and culture it is in exploring the cultural assumptions and normative proscriptions of mainstream discourses of International Relations and Economic Development. There are several places where these two fields intersect, one of which can be found in his dissertation research on the global proliferation of regimes protecting so-called Intellectual Property Rights. His dissertation also incorporates an interest in considering Cultural Studies methodology, particularly the implications of defining the concept of culture in relation to law and the state.

Prior to joining the Cultural Studies faculty at Columbia, Dr. Andrews taught a variety of courses on Globalization and Culture, Visual Culture, Digital Media, and History and Social Theory at New Century College and the Center for Global Studies, both at George Mason University (2003-2009).

Since joining the Cultural Studies program at Columbia College, Dr. Andrews has focused his energies on helping to develop the methodological components of the major—including a nascent collaboration with Dr. Jaafar Aksikas on the first Cultural Studies methods textbook for undergraduates—and on strengthening the internship program so that it represents a more rigorous Capstone pathway.

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