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Columbia College Chicago
Teresa Prados-Torreira

Teresa Prados-Torreira

Teresa Prados-Torreira, PhD, is Associate Professor of History in the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences at Columbia College Chicago.

Dr. Prados-Torreira received her BA in History from the Univesidad Autónoma de Madrid, and her MA and PhD in American Intellectual History from the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Dr. Prados-Torreira’s classes include “Cartoons and Satire in American History,” “American Cultural History,” and “Letters from the American Past.” She is the creator and organizer of the annual Paula Pfeffer Political Cartoon Contest for Columbia College students. Her areas of study are the United States and Cuba, and her research interests include cultural history, political satire, and women’s history.

Dr. Prados-Torreira is on the Advisory Board of Editors of Raritan, a quarterly review published by Rutgers University, and on the Advisory Board of the Hull House Museum in Chicago. She has presented her work at numerous conferences in the United States, Cuba, and Spain. She is the author of Mambisas: Rebel Women in Nineteenth Century Cuba (University Press of Florida, 2005.) She is currently working on a book on nineteenth-century graphic humor and women's rights.

Other Publications include: “Archer Huntington y el Movimiento Estético Americano.” El Tesoro Arqueológico de La Hispanic Society of America. Manuel Bendala et al. eds. Museo Arqueológico Regional: Alcalá de Henares, 2008; "Adios Hemingway" Introduction and translation. Raritan, A Quarterly Review. (Fall 2004): 159-167; "Cubans Divided" In These Times (April 3, 2000): 19; With Barbara Iverson, “Liberal Ed meets High Tech: Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Improve Instruction” in Creative Interactive Teaching. Case Method and Other Techniques. Hans E.Klein ed. Omni Press, Madison, WI, 2000; "Desatando las Alas: La Mujer Cubana en las Guerras de Independencia" Revista Santiago, Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba (Mayo-Septiembre, 1998): 249-275; "Women and the Spanish-American War" in Understanding the Past. Cultural Resource Management, U.S. Department of Interior. (Vol. 21, No.11, 1998): 30-31; "Chicago, de la Pasion a la Apatia." El País (August 27, 1996): 4; "Canada , Hoy." Historia 16 Cuadernos de Historia Actual 34 (Abril, 1994); "La Infanta Eulalia de Borbon en la Exposicion Universal de Chicago." Historia 16, 202 (Febrero, 1993): 26-34.

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