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HHSS Study Abroad
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HHSS Study Abroad

Study Abroad (Ghana, West Africa, Summer ‘14)
WO NSA DA MU A "If Your Hands Are in the Dish"

5-week Summer Session August 1-29 that culminates with the 3-week tour August 15-29

African Diaspora-Study Abroad:49-2775

Study Abroad students focus on the history and significant Ghanaian cultural groups (e.g. Akan, Guan, Ga, and Ew) prior to organization into pre-selected course clusters in Ghana (Arts and Craft, Culture and History, and Music and Dance.) Each group will be partnered with arts and/or specialists from their selected emphasis. Local historians, drummer, dancers, weavers, and other artists will work hands on with Study Abroad participants at each regional site. Course includes four (4) mandatory in-class sessions before the trip. Participants present final project in Ghana, West Africa.

Application & initial deposit deadline: April 4


For an application and/or more information contact:

Robert Hanserd, Ph.D.
Lecturer of History
624 South Michigan Ave, 1300-Q
Columbia College Chicago