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A Letter from the Chair
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A Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Science (HHSS), where students, faculty, and staff explore together the rich diversity, heritage, and promise of the human experience. The Department of HHSS places students at the center of the learning process and allows them to develop essential lifelong learning and critical thinking skills by honing their verbal, written, and analytical capabilities.

We take great strides to ensure that our students receive the very best liberal arts education possible. Students enjoy small class sizes and the convenience of having all the resources of a world-class city at their fingertips. HHSS professors are leading scholars and practitioners in their fields and have produced an impressive variety of scholarly and creative works. While the range of disciplines is broad, from anthropology, history, and philosophy to economics, psychology, political science, and foreign languages, the intellectual and creative depths are boundless.

The Department of HHSS is an essential part of Columbia College Chicago’s Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum, offering hundreds of challenging and thought-provoking classes each semester to students across 16 different disciplines and fields of study. While all undergraduate Columbia students fulfill their Core Curriculum requirements with HHSS courses, many continue on in the department and broaden their academic horizons by taking additional courses with a favorite professor or conducting guided research for course credit through the Undergraduate Research Initiative. Others augment their major in the visual, performing, media, and communication arts with one of our four minors in Black World Studies, Cultural Studies, Latino and Latin American Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies. For students and the larger college community, HHSS also sponsors Intersections a lively series of lectures and discussions that highlight the complexity of relationship between contemporary culture and the arts.

We are also proud to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies, a uniquely interdisciplinary program with faculty from Departments of HHSS and English. We are excited that our Cultural Studies program is ranked by Educational-Portal.com as one of the top ten programs in the country along with those at the University of California, Davis, American University, Stanford University, and Yale. The Cultural Studies program publishes its own academic journal, Cultural Landscapes, holds an annual Colloquium Series, offers exciting internships in the greater Chicago area, as well as an exchange program with the University of East London.

I invite you to examine further the HHSS website and see for yourself the exciting collaborate learning that defines the Columbia College Chicago experience.

Steven H. Corey, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences