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Mobile Media Programming

Graduates with a degree in Mobile Media Programming become creative coders competent in applying interactive principles and theories to mobile and web development. They learn to think and act as innovators, adept at using a variety of technologies and processes to express ideas and solve web and mobile media design problems. Graduates in this major will display a high level of proficiency in understanding and applying the principles of user-centered theory and work-flow to the creation of interactive applications and mobile media.

Program Details

The Bachelor of Arts in Mobile Media Programming prepares students to develop software applications and other interactive media for portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as web-based applications built to run on a variety of media platforms. The degree is in-depth, rigorous, and provides you experience with emerging technologies, while allowing you to choose electives for deeper specialization. Graduates with a degree in Mobile Media Programming are adept at working in the rapidly changing and challenging field of mobile interactive media, and will be prepared to pursue careers such as: web/interactive designer, mobile application developer or designer, web-based rich media developer, and web programmer or developer. It is highly recommended that Mobile Media Programming majors pursue a minor in Marketing, Public Relations, or Creative Advertising.

 We also place a special emphasis on fostering professional and productive collaborations between members of an interdisciplinary mobile media development team. Cross-disciplinary communication skills are required for a team of artists, designers, programmers, and sound designers to come together to create an engaging and effective application. You will graduate with an exceptional professional digital portfolio along with the skill sets that prepare you for exciting careers or postgraduate study as applied programmers.

 45 credits are required in the Mobile Media Programming Bachelor of Arts degree.

View the list of required courses by downloading the Mobile Media Programming Four Year Plan.

Required courses in the major include:

  • Computational Media Development
  • Authoring Interactive Media
  • Navigational Interfaces
  • Advanced Interfaces
  • Introduction to Programming Theory & Concepts
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Authoring Interactive Media II
  • Emergent Web Technologies

 You can also see a listing of all of your required Mobile Media Programming classes here. 


Sample Careers


Median Salary

Creative Technologist



Web Interface Developer


Web Developer


Mobile application developer


Sources: 2012 Game Developer’s Salary Survey and Creative Group 2012 Salary Guide