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Columbia College Chicago
Claudia Hart
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Claudia Hart

Summer 2010
Institute Fellow
Chicago, IL

Claudia Hart
Photo by: Kurt Hentschlager

After graduating from New York University with a BA in art history in 1978, Claudia Hart studied architecture at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, receiving her MS in 1984. In 1985-86, she was Associate Editor of ID (then Industrial Design Magazine) where, along with Senior Editor Steven Skov Holt, she redeveloped it as ID: the Magazine of International Design. She also served as Reviews Editor at Art Forum until 1988. She continues to write critically but in the academic context. She has published theoretical papers in academic journals such as Media-N, the New Media Caucus journal, Bad Papers and Byte Shark.

In 1988, Hart began to exhibit with the Pat Hearn Gallery, moving from critical to artistic practice. After receiving an NEA Fellowship in 1989, she shifted her practice to Europe, where she received numerous fellowships and exhibited widely with galleries and museums. Her work from this time has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art, NY; The Metropolitan Museum, NY; The MIT List Center, Cambridge; The Vera List Center for Art and Politics, The New School, NY; The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin. Hart has also written, illustrated, and designed two books (A Child's Machiavelli, 1998; and Dr. Faustie's Guide to Real Estate Development, 1997). She subsequently studied animation at NYU's Center for Advanced Digital Applications with the intention of creating animations from these publications. Instead she developed a body of work consisting of 3D-animated installations that she thinks of as hybrids between structuralist films and temporal paintings.

Hart's contemporary work consists of designs for sublime landscape gardens often containing expressive and sensual female bodies meant to interject emotional subjectivity into what is typically the overly-determined Cartesian world of digital design. She is Assistant Professor in Art and Technology Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is represented by bitforms gallery, NY. Currently, she is working on a monumental exhibition for the new-media Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh, featuring Empire, a four-channel installation with an operatic performance constructed at architectural scale (April 23- June 30, 2010).

Hart's Fellowship will center around the development of a new collaborative work entitled Recumulation, 2010, which reconsiders Primary Accumulation (1972), the seminal dance film made by Trisha Brown, in the context of post-analog media. Working in collaboration with composer Edmund Campion and performance artist Roberto Sifuentes, Hart will examine the digital implications of possibilities first proposed by Brown in her choreography for a real body recorded by video, but now contemporized as a virtual body performing within non-linear digital space. Recumulation will be a 20-minute 3D animated film depicting five performing female avatars created by Hart, intended for installation and constructed as a repetitive loop. The movements of the avatars will be assembled from a library of gestures loosely inspired by Brown's original piece, but here performed by Sifuentes and recorded using motion-capture technology.  Sifuentes' movements will be combined and recombined to form a choreography created in collaboration with Campion. By capturing highly gendered masculinized motions and inserting them into a variety of 3D avatars modeled to portray female body types, Recumulation will present an uneasy realism, defying assumptions about the real and the artificial.

Hart was recently awarded with the Faculty Research Exhibitions Fellowship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Recumulation has recently been exhibited in galleries across New York and Chicago. She participated in various group exhibitions in Sacramento, London, New Jersey, New York, Florida and Switzerland. She has given presentations at William Patterson University, California State University, University of North Texas, and Washington University. More information can be found at www.claudiahart.com.