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Poems + Pictures

Poems and Pictures: A Renaissance in the Art of the Book (1946-1981)

Curated by Kyle schlesinger
february 9 - April 7, 2012

This exhibition, originally organized for the The Center for Books Arts by Kyle Schlesinger, features books, paintings, collages, periodicals, and ephemera that explore fundamental relationships between form and content; seeing and reading; writing and drawing; and the extraordinary occasions when these things and activities fuse, introducing a third element.

Ritas Theory

Poets, artists, and collaborators in this exhibition include Wallace Berman, Joe Brainard, Robert Creeley, Jim Dine, Johanna Drucker, Philip Guston, Joanne Kyger, Emily McVarish, Karen Randall, Larry Rivers, George Schneeman, and many more. Together they share in the common objective of bringing bold new writing into print where commercial presses fear to tread, and to do so with flair, imagination, and intelligence.

This exhibition is made possible by the generosity of our lenders:  The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo; Bill Berkson; Aaron Cohick (New Lights Press); Marie Dern (Jungle Garden Press); Philip Gallo; Alastair Johnston; Basil King; Ken Mikolowski; Ron Padgett; Special Collections & Archives, Merill-Cazier Library, Utah State University; Kyle Schlesinger; Lewis Warsh, and Steve Woodall. 

Image: First Name of Rita Hayworth's Theory, 1971. Ron Padgett and George Schneeman


Slide show of the exhibition


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