Columbia College Chicago

JAB: The History of the Publication

March 7 – ­March 22. 2008

THE HISTORY OF JAB (The Journal of Artists' Books) presented the
 journey of the magazine through a variety of conceptual and 
aesthetic pathways over its first thirteen years as the only national publication 
devoted to the subject.  

JAB continues to stimulate discussion with its primary question: What is the form of the book?

This question of a book's form, especially with respect to the artists' book, opens a fascinating look into new approaches by artists in the exploration of one of our oldest means of cultural communication. JAB has been a primary instigator of this line of questioning, generating a new interest in the form of the book, and recognition of its importance as an artistic medium.

The exhibition featured archival copies of JAB, manuscripts, texts, film, plates and press sheets, artists' books reviewed in different issues over the years, and various other ephemera.

JAB continues to be produced and published at the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts. More information on JAB's latest issue, and backorder information, can be found here.