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Story and Source Lists Policy

Story and Source Lists Policy

  1. A source list must be attached to each reporting assignment. Example: first and last name, identifying information (examples: history teacher at Roberto Clemente High School; the first officer on the scene), cell or other phone number; email address and the date/s each source was interviewed.
  2. Also include how you did each interview (in person, by phone, etc.). In virtually all cases, e-mail or text interviews are prohibited unless your instructor has given you explicit permission to conduct an interview in this manner.
  3. Students may NOT use family or friends as sources in their reporting assignments. It is inappropriate to use students and faculty members from the College Journalism Department as sources. When in doubt, consult your instructor.
  4. You may NOT submit the same or similar stories for more than one course. In rare instances, on a broad topic such as homelessness, you could explore different angles for separate stories, but you MUST consult with EACH instructor first to gain written approval. If you fail to receive prior written consent, you could fail both assignments.