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Alumni Placement

Alumni Placement

Some program alumni who have found ongoing work with notable films, series and composers include:

Elon Arbiture
Elon Arbiture (MFA '09) is currently scoring "The Legend Of Neil" for Comedy Central.

Beth Caucci
Beth Caucci (MFA '08) is assistant to John Powell. ("Face/Off", "Antz", "Shrek", "Chicken Run", "Kung Fu Panda", "Hancock", "Bolt", and the Bourne Identity series.)

John Fee
John Fee (MFA '08) is currently serving as assistant, orchestrator, and all around score wrangler for composer Jeff Danna ("Fracture," "Tideland," "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus")

Victor Chaga
Victor Chaga (MFA '10) is currently assisting John Powell.

Victor Hernandez-Stumpfhauser
Victor Hernandez-Stumpfhauser (MFA '09) is transcribing the "Pan’s Labyrinth" score to concert form for Oscar-nominated composer Javier Navarrete.

Andrzej Warzocha
Andrzej Warzocha (MFA '08) recently assisted video game composer Mike Reagan.

Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith (MFA ‘09) recently was an assistant to composer Trevor Morris at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica.

Duncan Blickenstaff
Duncan Blickenstaff (MFA ‘09) is an assistant and score wrangler for composer Mychael Danna (“The Sweet Hereafter,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” “8mm”). 

Michelle Tyler
Michelle Tyler (MFA '09) is currently working as a production assistant on various projects, and handled logistics for the Irish Film Festival in L.A.

Nick Skalba
Nick Skalba (MFA '08) recently assisted composer Jessica de Rooij.

Jonathan Levi Shanes
Jonathan Levi Shanes is assisting composers Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil.

Daniel Vendt
Daniel Vendt (MFA '08) is Studio Assistant for Peter Himmelman.